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The Linux Reference website provides a comprehensive list of Linux and Unix command-line commands with descriptions on how to use them and practical usage examples documenting their most common use cases! The commands are sorted into categories according to the tasks they help you achieve (like system resource monitoring or permissions), allowing you to discover what commands you can use for a given task! Additionally, you can access the commands via the alphabetical command index or the search function of the Linux Reference website (in the header bar).

There are other web sites that provide documentation for Linux commands, however, this one is different as it lets you contribute and grows with your help! Everyone can edit most of this sites content, add new content, or leave comments (like on Wikipedia) and everyone is invited to do so! Please, help me improve this site to make it useful for all the Linux and Unix command line users out there! Thanks for your help in advance!

Over time, this shall lead to a powerful, fairly complete online resource, that can be used by Linux and Unix users of all levels as Linux and Unix command reference and overview, enabling them to quickly look up commands for given tasks, quickly grasp their most common use cases at a glace, and get back to their shells, whenever they are unsure about what command to use for a given task, are usure about how to use a certain command, or could not find useful information in the command’s man page (help page)!

This website is created to accompany the book Power Guide to the Linux Command Line in the 21st Century, that I am currently writing. The book comprises a thorough introduction to Linux command line usage, including the necessary background knowledge for working with the shell, commands required for doing so, bash shell programming, and administrative taks. The book will serve Linux users who are new to the shell as guide to get comfortable with the shell and advance their skills quickly, as well as advanced shell users as command reference they can use to quickly look up commands they need whenever unclear (and compilation of related knowledge). This website complements the book for the readers of my book as well as anyone else who is working with the Linux or Unix shell. I may write about the process of writing and publishing that book in my blog, so check it out if you are interested. For further information about who I am, what I do, and why I bother consult the about page.

This site is still in development. Help me improve it by editing or adding content or leaving comments, if you like the idea! Any input is very welcome! Thanks!

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